30kW GD270-030G-4-L1 380V

30kW GD270-030G-4-L1 380V

kW: 30 kW
Voltage: 380 V
Rated Output Current: 60 A
Dimensions (wall mounting): 341mm (H) 169mm (W) 185mm (D)

Additional information

Output Power (kW)

30 kW

Voltage (V)

380 V

Rated Output Current



  • Size advantage: Adopts book-type design for easy installation and compact structure
  • Motor compatible: Supports the driving of synchronous motors and asynchronous motors
  • Install and play: Integrated with the fan and pump industrial application functions (HVAC)
  • Energy saving and high efficiency: Uses new ECO algorithm, reducing operating costs
  • Flexible configuration: Optionally configured with built-in DC reactor and output reactor
  • Highly extensible: Supports Profibus-DP, Profinet, CANopen communications, and I/O expansion
  • Enhanced protection: Equipped with thickened protective coating in the core circuit board


GD270 VFD for Fan and Pump_V1.3