37kW GD350A-037G-IP55 380V

37kW GD350A-037G-IP55 380V

kW: 37 kW
Voltage: 380 V
Rated Output Current: 75/92 A
Dimensions (wall mounting): 447mm (H) 318mm (W) 235mm (D)

Additional information

Output Power (kW)

37 kW

Voltage (V)

380 V

Rated Output Current



  • IP55 protection level
  • AC switch for safe control
  • Drive various motors
  • Strong scalability: support to insert 3 extension cards at the same time.
  • Isolated air duct
  • Sectional cover design makes the wiring simple
  • Widely used in aquaculture farm, water treatment, fan, etc.


GD350 IP55 V1.4