5.5kW GD350A-5R5G-4 380V

5.5kW GD350A-5R5G-4 380V

kW: 5.5 kW
Voltage: 380 V
Rated Output Current: 14/18.5 A
Dimensions (wall mounting): 186mm (H) 126mm (W) 201mm (D)

Additional information

Output Power (kW)

5.5 kW

Voltage (V)

380 V

Rated Output Current



GD350A takes advantage of dedicated processor for motor control. It enhances scalability and usability with SVC, VC, STO, LCD keypad, etc. The unity of G/P models can accommodate most operational requirements. Besides, GD350A supports mobile APP operation and has secondary development function.
GD350A integrates versatile functions into drive, to meet various load and diversified needs.
  • High precision data
  • Entire drive
  • Fire mode
  • Flexible secondary
  • Standard STO(SIL2)
  • Optional wireless communication(Bluetooth/WIFI)


GD350A VFD Manual_V1.2