560kW GD350 Drive 525V

560kW GD350 Drive 525V

kW: 560 kW
Voltage: 525 V
Rated Output Current: 750 A
Dimensions (wall mounting): 1900mm (W) 1385mm (H) 637mm (D)


The INVT GD350 525V Variable Speed Drive is our top of the range, high performance drive. Our GD350 Drive uses the most modern INVT processor and the world’s leading vector control technology for precise and flexible control of both open and closed loops. Thanks to its unlimited scalability, the GD350 can satisfy all applications from simple to complex in different industries such as textiles, yarn, packaging, food, printing, oil and gas.

Additional information

Output Power (kW)

560 kW

Voltage (V)

525 V

Rated Output Current



GD350 series VFD is a new high-performance inverter. It is highly extensible and flexiblewith PG card, PLC card, communication card and IO card, meeting the demands ofvarious industries. GD350 is oriented for medium and high-end OEM equipmentmarkets, mainly covering the applications of printing and packaging, winding equipment,paper machinery, shearing equipment, textile machinery, HVAC, etc.

1.All drive and all-around
Support synchronous, asynchronous motor.

2.High extensibility
Optional PLC card, I/O card, communication card, PG card, etc. It can meet the needs of many kinds of expansion cards at the same time, which can satisfy the individual needs of customers quickly.

3.Support customer secondary development

4.Support multiple mainstream communication modes
Standard 485 communication
Support optional expansion card:Ethernet, CANopen, Profibus DP, Bluetooth, Profinet.

5.Wireless debugging
Bluetooth access, the use of mobile phone app instead of traditional keystroke keyboard, can be operated without opening electronic control cabinet, more comfortable application.

6.Material connection interworking, remote monitoring
Wireless access, easy access to the Internet of things and inverters can be operated through the mobile phone / computer, real-time understanding of the state of operation.

7.Standard USB interface, the program can be downloaded conveniently and quickly, and the operating curve of the inverter can also be recorded by external uplink, which is convenient for maintenance and analysis.

8.PG card adopts digital filter technology to improve electromagnetic compatibility and realize long distance stable receiving of encoder signal.
Compared with traditional scheme, the performance of anti-jamming is doubled.

9.Standard 2 HDI, can be used as speed source and can also support high-speed AB pulse input signal, which forms simple closed loop application to provide customers with a cost-effective closed loop application plan.

10.Built-in STO safety torque off function, in line with international standards, safer and more reliable application.
SIL2 level.

11.Standard LCD operating panel, supports 3 sets of inverter parameters upload and download, has the directory index function, may define the monitoring and the debugging parameters, extremely convenient debugging.

12.Maximum support 110kw power segment, built-in brake unit, cost and installation space savings for customers.
1.5~37kw: Standard built-in braking unit
45~110kw: Optional built-in braking unit.

13.18.5kw~110kw standard built-in DC reactor.