DC Motors

DC Motors

Indusquip Marketing cc are the Sole agents for T-T Electric DC motors in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Basic Design Characteristics

  • Suitable for operation with adjustable DC voltages from thyristor convertors (230V – 400V – 500V)
  • Fully laminated stator, main poles and interpoles
  • Fully compensated machines ensuring good communication also in the field weakening range
  • Convertible motors from TEFV (Totally Enclosed Force Ventilated) to TENV (Totally Enclosed Non Ventilated)
  • Removable and replaceable shaft with two tapered extensions
  • D-end and N-end heavy duty roller bearings
  • Easily removable bearing housings
  • Insulation class H with temperature rise limited to 110°C for longer life expectancy
  • High dynamic response, with a current change rate of 250 times the nominal current per second
  • A large number of options and accessories ensuring high flexibility
  • Max armature voltage 500V