GD5000-L-03 Compact Medium Voltage Drive

GD5000-L-03 Compact Medium Voltage Drive

The GD5000-L-03 series medium voltage drive, is 3rd generation compact VFD, special designed to fits more limited installation space, more compact dimension compare to standard drive. This product only has one complete cabinet to set control system, power cells and shifting transformer. Which makes more easy and fast commissioning. Deliver as complete product no extra wiring work at site. This medium voltage drive only has 1 type dimension, mean different power and voltage level, all machine dimension same. Easy to replace with higher power if production raise. Compare to standard medium voltage drive, the compact drive save electrical control room space around 40%.

For general purpose application such as fan, pump, this product is more economic and competitive, all features and functions remain same. Support optional equip with manual bypass cabinet, automatic bypass cabinet, Synchronous switching cabinet. And various communication methods.


  • Main Principle
    INVT GD5000-L series medium voltage drive integrated with isolate transformer, a series of 690V power cells are linked together to build the MV power output, Drawer design provides convenient and fast maintenance experience.
  • Higher Overload Ability
    Compare to most of other MV Drive, INVT GD5000-L series provide higher overload ability, for 120% rated current last 120 seconds, max 200% rated current overload protect immediately. Hight overload, higher reliability.
  • Excellent Output Wave less THD
    For 3kV/ GD5000-L series was designed as 18 pulses harmonic not above 4%, 606kV 36 pulses and 10kV 48 pulses harmonic less than 2%, excellent harmonic control and nearly perfect output wave. Meets IEEE519-1992 Standards.
  • Advanced Cell Bypass
    With unique technology, GD5000-L series provide 2 types of automatic cell bypass method: Same level bypass and neutral point shift bypass. Keep working even cell fault, ensure automatic bypass action less 200 microsecond.



GD5000-L Folders(EN)-202003(V1.0)