Flex Series I/O System

Flex Series I/O System

INVT Flex series I/O system is a flexible, reliable, and efficient signal transmission system. The system is able to access to multiple standard communication networks, and equipped with rich signal modules to facilitate the deployment of personalized solutions while saving cabinet space, helping you develop more competitive personalized solutions.


  • * Flexible´╝ÜRich communication couplers and I/O modules enable the┬á fexible design of control systems.

    * Efficient´╝ÜFully upgraded F-BUS bus with a 100-megabit communication rate creates a high real-time communication system.

    * Reliable´╝ÜTight connection using the gold plating process ensures stable and reliable signal transmission.

    * Compact´╝ÜUltra-thin design significantly saves cabinet space and helps the equipment layout miniaturization.

    * Easy installation´╝ÜThe wiring diagram is printed on the module so the wiring can be completed without referencing a user manual. By scanning the QR code on the front, you can obtain an electronic version of the user manual for more information.

    * Tool-free quick connection´╝ÜPUSH IN connection technology enables easy installation without any tools, with a 70% improvement in wiring efficiency compared to screw terminals, effectively reducing installation time while ensuring good reliability.

    * Clear identification´╝ÜDifferent modules are distinguished by color blocks and auxiliary codes, making identification and positioning more accurate and convenient.

    * Channel-level diagnosis´╝ÜEach channel has a status indicator light, and each module can independently display its working status. The operating status and fault information are clear at a glance.

    * Easy to maintain´╝ÜLongitudinal sliding connection allows terminal assembly and disassembly without moving the left and right modules. Adopting a two-section modular design, the wiring terminals can be disassembled separately without repeated wiring.

    * With CE and RoHS Declaration

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