TS600 Series Intelligent PLC

TS600 Series Intelligent PLC

INVT TS600 series intelligent PLC integrates high-performance embedding technology, and it is based on a high-speed bus system architecture to integrate four types of automation control, namely, sequence, process, information, and motion control, into the same system. It achieves the real-time control and complex calculation through the highly reliable software and hardware real-time system, and provides open communication interfaces, IoT networks, and distributed module system architecture. The completely independent programming software provides customized services, making programming easy.
TS600 can work with INVT VFD, servo, HMI, lot and other products to construct one-stop automation solutions to create value for customers.


  • * Running efficiently: 1G main frequency, compile command breakthrough, bit operation speeding up to 0.01us.

    * High performance with motion control: High-speed motion control, easily implementing complex processes.

    * Easy connection: Multi-protocol support facilitates interconnection. Dual-port design, makes cascading easy, and achieves the isolation between the internal network and external network.

    * Easy programming: Compliant with IEC61131 programming specifications. supporting the languages LD, SFC, IL and C. The pulse and bus axes are compatible with a set of axis control commands. Supporting graphic configuration through dragging, Easy parameter setup and automatic address allocation. Supporting trace function.

    * Easy scalability: Standard configuration of CPU with 16 points of Dl and 16 points of DO. Compatible with Flex series IO modules for scaling. Supporting 72 EtherCAT slave nodes.

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Should you wish to download latest software – Auto Station Pro (TS600 Series PLC Software)