IVC1L Series Programmable Logic Controller

IVC1L Series Programmable Logic Controller

INVT IVC1 PLC is a micro high performance PLC with compact structure and powerful function. It can be widely applied in manufacturing industries including textile and chemical fiber, machine tool, cables, food and beverages, packaging, plastic steel, construction machinery, air conditioner, elevator and printing.


  • MAX. IO points: 128
  • Standard 3 isolated serial ports:1 RS232/2 RS485
  • Support 6 high speed pulse input
  • Support 3x100kHz high speed pulse output
  • Program capacity: 16K steps
  • Program power-off permanent storage
  • Equipped with rechargeable lithium battery, real-time clock saved for 3 years.
  • Max. 7 extension module
  • The main module is divided into two kinds: DC power supply(19-30VDC)and AC power supply(85-264VAC)